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I am Soumya Ranjan Mohanty a.k.a @geekysrm, the developer of UnBlur Quora extension. Hope you are finding a good use for this chrome & firefox extension. (Download Links Below) 👇


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This started when I wanted to read Quora answers quickly but didn't want to go through the hectic & ugly signup process. I just want to read the answer.

NOOO! I dont wanna do that!!

NOOO! I dont wanna do that!!

Also, at that time I had some free time in my hands and wanted to learn to build a chrome extension. So, thought to build this simple one.

If you are interested in a tutorial, hit me up via email (linked at bottom) and I will write one.


Chrome/Opera/Brave: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/unblur-quora/dbiilmhbpifcgcpikjfagempfijhfpgd



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Bugs/ features

If you encounter any bugs or want more features, please hit me up via email or comment in the chrome reviews tab with your contact. I will get back to you.